Require authentication

Often you'll want to require the user to log in before they can access certain parts of your application. For example, it makes sense to show the home page to everyone (whether you're logged in or not), but only show your to-do list after you've logged in.

You can use the [Authorize] attribute in ASP.NET Core to require a logged-in user for a particular action, or an entire controller. To require authentication for all actions of the TodoController, add the attribute above the first line of the controller:

public class TodoController : Controller
    // ...

Add this using statement at the top of the file:

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization;

Try running the application and accessing /todo without being logged in. You'll be redirected to the login page automatically.

Despite the name of the attribute, we are really doing an authentication check here, not an authorization check. Sorry to be confusing.

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